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over 2 years ago

What is gamma knife surgery?

Before talking about gamma knife surgery in India, we need to know about this surgery first. Well, it is a surgery that deals with fixing brain tumors, radio surgery, brain dysfunctions and malformations along with trigeminal neuralgia. The effective gamma knife surgery removes the physical trauma along with a number of risks linked with any open surgery, which fixes the issues directing 192 beams of highly focused rays to make you free from brain tumors & abnormalities.


How brain diseases cure using gamma knife surgery?

As said above, the Effective Gamma knife surgery employs more than 192 beams of highly focused rays that help in destroying the tumors inside the brain and thus make you free from the brain tumors and other dysfunctional issues found inside the brain.


Benefits of gamma knife surgery Over Traditional Brain surgery?

If you talk about the benefits of effective Gamma Knife surgery there are many benefits when you compare it with the traditional options. Patients resume to normal life soon and resumes to work and other things after the gamma knife surgery in India. It is much safer than the traditional surgeries. In terms of cost, the surgery is much affordable than the open kind of surgeries. As per reports, the cost difference is around 20 to 30 percent lesser than the usual surgeries.


gamma knife surgrey India


“Determine Gamma knife surgery is appropriate for you?"

Generally the patients suffering from brain tumor are regarded as safer to consider the gamma knife surgery in India for the number of benefits it has the traditional surgery options. 


-> Medical treatment – The fact of the matter is you can find this surgery as effective gamma knife surgery for a wide range of reasons. These surgeries can be used to treat a number of issues like fixing the benign tumors, Metastatic brain lesions & other partially resected tumors, Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders, brain tumor particularly found inside the skull and Intractable pain in patients with disseminated cancer to name a few.


-> Image reorganizations such as MRI, CT scan reports: Once the patient comes to the doctor with the symptoms of having brain tumors or similar other issues, he or she has to undergo a number of diagnostic tests including MRI, CT scan and similar things.


-> Clinical Observations - The patients undergoing for gamma knife surgery in India are known to have some of the best clinical observations. Thanks to the Effective Gamma knife surgery results more and more patients and surgeons end up preferring the surgery. 


What I feel After Surgery?

One your gamma knife surgery in India is completes, the head frame will be removed. If you had an angiogram, you might have to lie quietly for several more hours.  Some patients experience a mild headache or minor swelling where the head frame was attached, but most report no problems. Your doctor will tell you whether or not he wants you to stay overnight for observation or if you can go home immediately. Either way, you should be able to return to your normal routines the next day or so.


Is it Safe & effective surgery?

The answer is yes, it is one of the most safest and effective gamma knife surgery to have. As it doesn’t involve any kind of incision making unlike seen in any other traditional options which involves these things.


Our Assistance & Services get gamma knife surgery in India

Being one of the top medical tourism companies in India, more and more global patients prefer us for availing a wide range of healthcare services, which include certainly the gamma knife surgery in India. We give you the best quality and affordable healthcare services and we help in many things right from helping in getting the medical visa to good healthcare services including getting the entire surgery with great care and professionalism.


Get more information on Gamma Knife Surgery in India with affordable cost , Click here. Patient who have desire to plan gamma knife sergery in India with us can contact us here. You can send queries at contact@dheerajbojwani.com or can make a call at +91 9860755000.



So, if you are looking for Effective Gamma knife surgery then considering the Gamma Knife Surgery in India is a win-win deal for global patients.


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